Physics Resources


Handouts are for quick reference and intended to help student learn high yield physics topics. Many handouts contain accompanying Christian devotionals.

Physics Devotionals

A. Introduction to Physics

1. SI Units & Scientific Notation
2. Accuracy, Precision & Significant Figures
3. Right Triangle Review
4. Intro to Vectors

B. Linear Motion and Kinemtatics

1. Intro To Kinematics
2. Kinematic Equations
3. Free Fall & Projectile Motion

C. Dynamics

1. Intro To Forces
2. Newton's First Law
3. Force of Friction
4. Newton's Second Law
5. Newtons 3rd Law
6. Newtons Law and Systems

D. Uniform Circular Motion

1. Circular Motion
2. Centripetal Acceleration and Centripetal Force
3. Law of Gravitation & Kepler's Laws
4. Centrifuge & Fictitious Forces

E. Work, Energy and Power

Work & Energy
2. Intro to Springs

Momentum, Impulse and Collisions

Momentum, Impulse and Collisions

Torque, Angular Acceleration, Rotational Motion

1. Stability & Torque
2. Torque and Acceleration
3. Work, Energy, Momentum & Rotational Motion

Simple Harmonic Motion

SHM- Springs
SHM- Pendulums


1. Intro To Fluids
2. Fluids Dynamics
3. Fluids Mechanics


1. Pressure & Humidity
2. Ideal Gas Law
3. Kinetic Molecular Theory

Temperature, Heat, Thermodynamics

A. Temperature & Thermal Expansion
C. Heat & Heat Transfer
D. Intro to Thermodynamics
E. 2nd Law of Thermodynamics & Entropy
F. Heat Engine & Machines

Waves and Sound

A. Intro to Waves
B. Mechanical Waves
C. Sound Waves
D. Reflection and Refraction

Electric Force, Electric Fields, Electric Potential Energy and Potential Difference

A. Electric Forces
B. Electric Fields
D. Electric Potential Energy
E. Electric Potential

Conductors, Insulators and Capacitance

C. Conductors & Insulators
F. Capacitance

Electrical Current, Resistance and Circuits

G. Current, Resistance, & Power Handout
H. Intro to Circuits
I. DC Circuits
F: AC Circuit


A. Intro to Magnetic Force & Fields Handout
B. Applications of Magnetic Force & Fields Handout
C. Intro to EM Induction
D. EM Devices