Preparing For Your Tutor Session

Preparing For Your Tutor Session

Many people come to tutoring frustrated because they have been struggling. So always keep in mind it will take time to see improvement. It is a team effort as you learn, and I help you to improve.

After you have scheduled a tutor session through Wyzant you will have a link on your homepage of Wyzant. Click the link and sign on at your designated time.

  1. A day before, let me know the specific topic currently covered in class. This allows me to review the topic, gather useful resources to improve learning and make the tutor session more efficient. If you do not let me know the specific topic in advance, I can still tutor you, but the session will be less efficient.

  2. Bring any assignments/test reviews that you need to work on. Please attempt to do the problems on your own before the session. This way we can focus on the problems you are most struggling. If your tutor session is online, please either send me an electronic copy to upload to the online platform or be ready to upload it yourself. (Word, pdf, jpeg and PowerPoint can all be uploaded to Wyzant)

  3. Be ready to communicate the specific areas you struggle to understand, or specific questions you have. If you do not communicate your needs, I will not know. Unfortunately, I am not a mind reader. Be honest, there is no judgement here.

  4. During the tutor session please speak up when something is confusing. Similarly, if something is very helpful let me know. This will help me understand your learning style. This tutor session is for you and your benefit do not worry about offending me.